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Debating and public speaking

At Mowbray Public School, we aim to teach students skills to bring into the world. Our debate and public speaking programs encourage students to vocalise their ideas about the world around them.


Each year our Stage 3 debating team participates in the NSW Premier's Debating Challenge where they have the opportunity to debate against students from local public schools and possibly go on to be a part of the state championships. As part of this debating competition, students develop their arguments as a team during a one-hour preparation before each debate. This means students need to be focused, efficient and collaborative to produce a convincing and cohesive argument in such a short space of time.

Public speaking

Public speaking is an important focus for Mowbray Public School as it provides students with the opportunity to develop valuable skills and build confidence. Students develop their skills in speaking, listening, persuasive writing and drama.

Mowbray Public School finds opportunities for students to develop their skills in public speaking. All students from Stage 2 and Stage 3 participate in the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking competition. Students who perform the best amongst their peers are elected to go to the local finals of the competition. We also have a public speaking competition which the whole school participates in.