Mowbray Public School

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Telephone02 9428 3200

A-Z's of Mowbray

Acronyms - School and Department of Education

  • COLA - Covered Outdoor Learning Area
  • SRC - Student Representative Council
  • P&C - Parents and Citizens Association
  • EALD - English as an Additional Language / Dialect
  • LaST - Learning and Support Teacher
  • POP - Parent Online Payments (used for school fees)
  • SLSO - School Learning and Support Officer
  • SAM - School Administrative Managers
  • SAO - School Administrative Officer
  • PSSA - Public School Sports Association
  • RFF - Relief From Face-to-Face teaching
  • NAPLAN - National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (test sat in Years 3 & 5)
  • ICAS - The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (From Year 2)
  • PAN - Performing Arts Night (held in Term 3 each year)
  • Early Stage 1 - Kindergarten
  • Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2
  • Stage 2 - Years 3 and 4
  • Stage 3 -  Years 5 and 6
  • KLA – Key Learning Areas (subjects taught in all Department of Education schools)
  • PDHPE – Personal Health, Development and Physical Education.


After school Care

There are two providers on-site: CubbyHouse and Primary OSHcare

The providers can be visited on-site. Please note: they have a break over the Dec/Jan holidays.

Vacation Care is available during the school holidays.

Recommendation: If you require a space, book as soon as possible!



Children collect tokens – they are placed in the clear boxes at the bottom of the green stairwell.

Blue awards are handed out each week. After collecting 5 Blue Awards, students can hand them in at the main office to receive a Gold Award at the next K-2 or 3-6 assembly.

Each group of 5 Blue Awards are redeemed for a Gold Award.

3 Gold Awards are redeemed for a banner.

3 banners are redeemed for a medal, given at Presentation Day.


Best Start Assessment

Following enrolment, a letter will be sent to you with details of how to book a time for your assessment. If you have not received/misplaced the letter visit the school office on the first day of the school year and the office staff will help you.

There is no need to wear school uniform for this assessment. School uniform must be worn on the first official school day.


Book Club

Not a compulsory service. Students are given catalogues a couple of times a term and parents/carers can order if they wish to.


Catching the bus

School Opal Cards are available for children who qualify, for more information visit the Opal

It is important that students ‘tap-on’ and ‘tap-off’ the bus to have accurate numbers for the bus company. 

The school bus picks up from Mowbray Road every afternoon and drops students off every morning in Hatfield Street (adjacent to the school oval).

The school bus number is 630 (morning) 683 (afternoon) if you would like to view the route.


Class Parents

A parent in each class is asked to volunteer to be the class parent. This parent sends out email communication to the class (given by the teacher) they also give reminders to the class e.g. excursion or ask for parent helpers.

Class parents may organise playdates/catch-ups for the whole class.

The class parent does not approach the teacher with concerns from parents. Parents are asked to do that individually. 



Communication is by School Stream (mobile App). Access School Stream from a Windows Phone (or desktop) here.

School Stream can be accessed from multiple devices, but you will need to request separate codes (check your junk mail). Some tips with using SchoolStream:

  1. Try to register using the same email account you gave the school for correspondence, as this will make authorisations faster.
  2. Use the LATEST tab to see the most recent entries quickly
  3. Use The MOWBRAY tab to see the general categories.
  4. Use the three lines “hamburger” to access the App menu. From here you can access HOME, SEARCH (this has only recently been returned), CALENDAR, SAVED and TRANSLATE tools
  5. Swipe LEFT to save entries, set up notifications, remove entries or categories. You can restore the categories from the bottom of the screen, if required.
  6. Please don’t remove all of the categories, or you will miss valuable school-wide information!
  7. You should receive confirmation of Permission Notes at the email address, entered in the online form. If required, you can manually archive the note by swiping left

Other forms of communication include:

  • School Newsletter – available on the school website each fortnight
  • Front sign board – alerts to upcoming events
  • Term notes – outline sports days, library day and important class dates for each stage


External Activities

Basketball, Tennis, Mandarin, Spanish, Guitar, Keyboards, Karate.

These activities are available on-site, but are not run by the school. They change on a yearly basis. More information can be found in school newsletters or at the school office.

The tennis courts at Mowbray can be hired through GPA tennis.


Lost Property

When found it is collected and placed into the tubs at the bottom of the blue staircase. Items are sorted twice per term and labelled items are return to the child’s class.

Unlabelled items are sold at the Second Hand Uniform Sales.


Lunch Orders

Ordering is done through Flexi Schools, where you will need to create an account. The canteen is available every day of the week.

Lunch orders start in Week 3 or 4 in Term 1 and continue for the school year.


Mufti Days

Mufti Days are when students are allowed to wear ‘street clothes’ and not the uniform. Most Mufti days are in order to raise money for charity and require a gold coin donation. Information is given to parents via the app and newsletter. e.g. Harmony Day – wear orange. Sports carnivals wear the House Colour Shirt.



Notes can be given to classroom teachers.

Absence notes can be filled out via School Stream.

If you have questions about a whole school activity the office can be contacted on 9428 3200.


P&C - What is the Parent & Citizen Association - P&C?

The P&C is a Parent and Community group made up of Mowbray Public School parents. They run events and fundraising at the school. Anyone can join in to the meet that occurs twice per term. Anyone can also volunteer to help for events.

The P&C is involved in:

  • Welcome BBQ – An event for all families at the beginning of each school year
  • Fundraising events (trivia nights, bingo etc.)
  • Student band program
  • Student string ensemble program
  • Environment committee
  • Canteen
  • Basketball
  • 2nd hand uniform
  • Uniform shop – Pickles 
  • P&C Facebook Page (only current parents can join)
  • Working Bee – where parents/carers come up to the school on an organised day to help with a specified activity e.g. gardening.



Out the front of the school – Mowbray Rd, is a kiss and drop zone. For more information on kiss and drop zones, visit Centre for Road Safety

Car Parking can be found in a small carpark near Cubbyhouse. This parking is limited. There is also a drop-off zone in this carpark. It is VERY important that people do not park in the drop-off zone as it causes morning chaos.

Some extra Tips:

  1. KISS AND RIDE zone along the front of the school:
    - Please move to the TOP of the zone to ensure the line moves smoothly and quickly
    - Stop to drop off or pick up your child for a max of 2 minutes
    - Driver must remain in or within 3 metres of vehicle.
  2. Please take note of the SCHOOL ZONES around the school (40km/h limit - in operation between from 8am-9:30am THEN 2:30pm-4pm).
  3. CUBBYHOUSE carpark is predominantly for the use of Cubbyhouse parents and staff. A drop-off zone exists within this area BUT please note the directional signage and adhere to it (stick to the left)
    - Please do not park in the Cubbyhouse turning circle. There are several spots nearby where you can drop off your child safely
    - If you plan to go into the school, you will need to park elsewhere. This carpark is monitored.
  4. There is a lot of unrestricted parking in Hart, Farran and Ulm Streets. Willandra Street and Mowbray Road parking is limited, but available.
  5. Please take note of the restricted parking in other areas. These areas may be patrolled.
  6. Please do NOT park across any of our neighbours’ driveways.
  7. Everyone tries to park close to the school - please park considerately, so spaces are maximised
    - Parking can be tighter in the first few weeks due to new families and first week nerves!
  8. Standard traffic rules:
    - NO STOPPING - You must NOT stop your vehicle at any point on the road or kerb, unless there is a medical or other emergency
    - NO PARKING - You have no more than 2 minutes for drop-offs or pick-ups of passengers or goods. The driver must stay within 3 metres of their vehicle
    - DISABILITY - For the use of vehicles displaying valid permits only. No Stopping for others.

NOTE: Traffic offences can incur a heavy fine. For more information visit Road and Maritimes Service.



Children in the primary grades can be involved in PSSA. Sports vary from year to year, but are usually netball, soccer and AFL. Children can volunteer then put through atrial to be selected for the school teams.


Pupil Free Days & Term Dates

Term dates can be found here through the Department of Education.

The first day of Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 are pupil free days, unless notified by the school.


Requirements List

Lists of school stationery requirements are given at the end of each year (Kindergarten in the first week)

You should prepare an Art Shirt (an old adult T-shirt does well to protect school uniforms)

Liquid soap and tissues are asked for to share in the classroom.


School times


8:40am – 9:10am there is a teacher on duty.

9:10am class starts.

3:10pm pick-up time for ALL children. No Child should be picked up later than this time as they are unsupervised.

Kindergarten pick-up time is at 2:50pm for the first few weeks of Term 1. Then moves to the normal time of 3:10pm.


Term Newsletter

At the beginning of the year students will receive a Term Newsletter. This newsletter will give important dates for each year group, as well as sports days, library borrowing days and an overview of the curriculum being taught.



Uniform shop – Pickles 

Second Hand Uniforms are sold at P&C events during the year.

Please label EVERYTHING!

Labels can be found at At checkout nominate Mowbray Public School and the P&C will receive 15% of the order.

Summer uniform is Term 1 & 4, Winter is Term 2 & 3. Please make appropriate adjustments for weather.


Voluntary contributions – P&C

Many of you would have noticed that the P&C added a “Voluntary Contribution” to the Term 1 accounts. This is a common practice at public schools and a very essential part of raising funds for additional school resources.

Last year the P&C and the school spent considerable time aligning spending needs with fundraising efforts. As a result, the 2019 fundraising goal is $70,000 (approx. $110 per child). The fundraising strategy is such that 60% of the goal is anticipated to come from the Voluntary Contributions (the only avenue that touches 100% of parents) and the remaining 40% through the fundraising efforts of the Year 3 Fundraising Committee.

The general allocation of these funds can be found on the Mowbray P&C website. In addition, the school has committed to communicating specifically what the funds were spent on each term, in the School Newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to



Volunteering is encouraged across the school. Teachers will ask for classroom volunteers, our librarian will also ask for volunteers.

The P&C requires volunteers for weekly canteen duty, gardening as well as regular events.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact your child’s class teacher and the P&C

You can also volunteer to teach Ethics (an alternative to religious education classes). For more information visit Primary Ethics.