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Starting at Mowbray

Big list of HINTS for new parents!

School hours: 

  • Morning playground supervision starts at 8:40am. 
  • The school day starts at 9:10am and finishes at 3:10pm
  • Students have three supervised breaks during the day:
  1. 10am Crunch&Sip (a small snack eaten quickly in the classroom)
  2. 11:10am recess (morning tea)
  3. 1pm lunch
  • Don’t over complicate the lunchbox. Practise using the lunchbox (opening and closing) and explain what food to eat at each break.
  • Mowbray tries to limit waste. Please try to use reusable containers, clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Second-hand uniforms are a great way to save money. The stalls are open at P&C events throughout the year.
  • Shop the January sales – often lunchboxes, socks and ‘back to school items’ go on special in January. It is also a good idea to stock-up and buy a second set so you have them ready to go to replace lost items.
  • All parents are welcome to get involved in school and community events. Ask your child’s teacher about volunteering as a parent helper in the classroom
  • Attend the P&C Welcome BBQ!
  • Buy a small bag for excursions, often children are asked to bring lunch in a small bag when they leave the school for the day. Make sure it can hold a lunch box and drink bottle. 
  • Come to Tea and Tissues on the first day after drop-off at school. It is a nice way to see the new parents again and feel some support!
  • Sometimes children feel lonely, organise playdates, ask the class parent and teacher for some help if needed.
  • Medication: if your child needs to take medication during school hours, take the medication to the office. The office staff will administer medications.
  • Having trouble? Ask the teacher as they will support you if you have concerns or are having issues starting school. They will be able to give you advice or tell you who to speak to for support.
  • Pack spare underpants in your child’s bag – if there is a little accident everything will run smoothly!
  • If you feel there is an issue to be addressed, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • View the A-Z page to find more detailed information about Mowbray. Click on the + next to Starting at Mowbray in the column on the left.